Over to you – tips for travel in Colombia

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It's not for no reason that I chose to spend five months in Colombia - enticed there by work with Impact Marathon Series, kept there by friends and wanting to go back because there's still so much to explore! 

Here is the low down on the places I got to know, as well as a teaser for Colombian music, festivals and books. Top of my list of all these places are: Cabo de la Vela (kitesurfing in the desert), Santa Marta (for all the trips you can do from there) and Medellin (for being an awesome city).

The places I have saved up for my next trip are the Pacific Coast, Amazons and the adventure sport town of San Gil...just so you know. 

The Coffee Region

Bang in the middle of Colombia you find a region so diverse in climate and landscape that it is no wonder that the Andean region is loved by national and international tourists alike. In a ten-day trip between Medellin and Cali, I found myself up mountains, in deserts, rainforests, coffee plantations and amongst 900BC ruins. The only constant was the friendliness of the people I met along the way. Here's how I made my way across the Colombian Andes in 10 days.

Hope you enjoy!! Please do share with anyone you think might find them useful