52 minute swim


Challenge: Swim as far as possible in 52 minutes

Details: Putting a bit of pressure on to keep swimming hard and fast for 52 minutes (52 because it’s the eXerK number obviously), this challenge catered for all abilities – either those that had never swum for that long before, or to push those who regularly swim that time, to swim a bit faster.

Where? For Londoners: outdoor/ better.org).

Transport? Cycle/ public transport.

When? Anytime.

Bring? Swimming costume, goggles, towel, cash/card for pool entry and locker.

Food & drink? Bring your own, or there are cafés at most pools.

Cost? Roughly £5 for pool entry

eXerK 52in52 story: This challenge as a short and sweet one. Challenging people to swim as far as they could in 52 minutes, we aggregated the distances and between 14 of us, we swam 32km. Monitoring how far you can swim in a particular time is a good target to monitor and build on through winter and into summer.