Boulder tunnel

Challenge: Complete the black tunnel route at The Arch

Go eXerK yourself: Choose from the incredible variety of climbing walls around London – pick a route you can’t do and stick with it until you can do it!

For what on earth ‘bouldering’ is, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse the other climbing related challenges too: Outdoor bouldering  and the Wall Crawl

IMG_4637Details: This was a project I worked on for several visits to the centre – building fitness, understanding the route – the first time I fell after the second move, and the second I did pretty well getting ¾ of the way through but arms failed me eventually.

I reckon it’s a 5 minute route,  where you’re essentially trying to ghecko/ sloth your way along and up and under the wall, sticking to the ceiling for half of it. I’ve never been good at toe hooks so this is baptism by fire.

Hanging from the holds wrecks your hands so only managed maybe two attempts at it in a single session, alongside other climbs.