Circle Line Relay


Challenge: Run the Circle Line

Details: Trace the Circle Line on foot, running either as a team relay style or solo. You can start wherever you like, and the aim is to run back around to where you began. The total loop around the 27 stops of the Circle Line (excluding the Hammersmith arm) is 25km (see breakdown table below). Paddington to Paddington clock-wise was the chosen route for us. The stations are relatively close together so don’t use your phones to navigate. Instead, go exploring, keep your eyes up and enjoy London! Where you need help, ask for it or look at the maps on the street. Be friendly to passers-by – share what you’re doing – people love it!

Where? On the streets of London

Transport? On foot. If you are running as a relay team, then use Santander bikes or the tube to get you from where you tagged out to where you are next meeting your team. Citymapper and Santander Cycles apps show you where the nearest bike dock is.

When? Any time you like. I would recommend Sundays as the roads and pavements are less busy. Bearing in mind navigation, photos and length of runs, would expect the full loop to take between 3 and 4 hours

Bring? A backpack, water, snacks, your phone for photos and team communication, cash/card for transport and food.

Food & drink? Carry a little bit but you can always buy en route.

Cost? Zero if you run the whole thing. Cost of transport if you run as a team

eXerK Circle Line Relay table