Coastal run in France

Challenge: Run 52km over 4 days

Details: Taking trainers on holiday is a cheap and fun way to explore the area and get to places, either by walking or running that cars and bikes can’t get to. Coastal paths are a safe bet for amazing scenery and varied terrain, with a bit of added adventure.

Where? The Sentier Littoral is the coastal path in the snazzy St Tropez area in the south of France.

Coastal paths are everywhere, where there is a coast – the South West Coastal Path in the UK is great, as is the Jurassic Coastal Trail, Scotland, Turkey, Mallorca…they are everywhere!

Transport? None needed once in St. Tropez as the Sentier Littoral goes through the town.

When? Recommend summer months so not too stormy

Bring? Water, snacks and trail shoes

Cost? Zero

eXerK 52in52 story: This challenge was decided only when I arrived on holiday. Was looking to explore, to have some alone time, and to try prep myself for the Copenhagen half marathon. At 13km per day, it was manageable and I loved the scenery.

At one point I was running along a beach, then into pine forests, then over stone bridges and clambering over rocks.

This was one of the more well marked coastal trails I have been on so was easy to follow but worth pointing out that not all coastal trails stick to the coast line the whole time.

Take your trainers, ask a local or google to find a nice area to explore!