Dance finale

Challenge: The grand finale! Dance hard to Uptown Funk to celebrate the end of the 52in52!

Details: Widely debated, for the purposes of accessible fitness, dancing is a sport.

Where? There are dance schools all around London for all styles of dance ( and for example)

When? Whenever!

Bring? Party clothes

Food & drink? Optional

Cost? Zero

eXerK 52in52 story: Dancing and I have a funny relationship. I am remarkably bashful near anything that resembles a dance floor. If I get wrestled away from the bar, I tend to hide myself in the middle so no one can see me, shuffle self-consciously…until something happens and I relax and love it. This was no easy challenge for me! I  shared an optional dance routine but all anyone had to do to participate in this challenge was to dance hard, wherever they were, whoever they were with and send in a video. Dancing is a great way to exercise and I did not do enough of it in 2015!