Bouldering weekend in Fontainebleau

Challenge: Outdoor bouldering

Go eXerK yourself: Head to Fontainebleau, 90km south of Paris (or 45 minute drive from Orly airport). More info on the area can be found on UK Climbing and Climb Europe.

The activity: If you’re new to Bouldering, check in at one of London’s climbing centres for an induction. You’ll be amazed at the new muscles you find hurting two days later (in a good way) so worth getting some practice in ahead of what is set to be a great weekend. For more, check out the Basics of Bouldering. Why not peruse the other climbing related challenges too: Boulder tunnel and the Wall Crawl

Accommodation: Stay at Caribou Aventures. With all sports under the sun possible, all the kit supplied and an awesome family vibe, it really is the active person’s paradise. Plus, it’s the coolest accommodation I’ve stayed in – transparent perspex bubbles suspended in the air that you zip line across too.


London to Dover drive: 2h. Dover to Calais ferry 22.05 – 00.35. Calais to Fontainebleau: 4h30. Calais to Dover return ferry: 14.20 – 14.50.

We travelled by car and ferry, leaving London at 5, getting down to Dover for a 10pm ferry.Remember your passport! You should get to ferry 1h before departure. As we arrived in at 00.35, we decided to pitch into a motel next to the ferry. You check yourself in and pay using credit card. Super basic but did the trick. Eurostar/ flights are also options but best have a car once in the Font area.

We went for a bank holiday, so had 3 days there, with two half days of travelling. Could have spent a whole week as there was so much to do.

Check out this video about the Fontainebleau Caribou wonderland.

Costs: £360 for 4 nights per person, broken down by:

Transport: Ferry £100 total, Petrol €180 total, Car (we had our own)

Accommodation: Calais hotel: €90 total. Caribou: €50 per person per night

Activity: €20 per day for all gear

Food and drink extras: Eat in Fontainebleau town/ supermarket food, should be €40 per day

Team eXerK:


Tom Williams

Paul Dosanjh

Tom Whittle

Leo Harris

Lizzie Pennant

Tom Saint

Natalie Ramsden