Golf in London


Challenge: 9 holes of golf

Details: Golf is certainly a sport that requires time and patience to master. That doesn’t mean we non-golfers can’t try it and have some fun though! You can booker taster lessons at most golf ranges/ courses. They can provide clubs so who knows, you may find a new hobby.

WhereGreenwich Peninsula Golf Range in Canary Wharf, SE10 0QE to learn/ practice your swing. I played a round of 9 holes at Central London Golf Centre in Wandsworth, SW17 0AT. Duke Meadows Golf Golf Club in Chiswick, W4 2SH has a range and a 9 hole pay and play course.

Transport? Public transport.

When? Driving ranges tend to stay open late and are flood lit so can make it an evening activity. Golf courses are open in daylight hours.

Bring? If you’re playing on a smart course there will be a dress code. If not, go for comfy trousers (ideally not jeans or tracksuits) and some smartish trainers. I learnt that a golfing glove for your left hand helps with the vibrations from the club.

Food & drink? Most courses have a good café/ bar

Cost? Peninsula driving range: £12 for 120 balls, £14 at weekends for 9 holes at Central London Golf Centre

Ebony and Annie

eXerK 52in52 story: As a non-golfer, this was always going to be a fun one. I have a swing thanks to a few lessons when I was 10 years old (turns out it sticks with you!) but no control over direction or distance. My brother took me to the driving range to practice and give me a few pointers. I was lucky enough to play the round of golf with Ebony Rainford-Brent who helped me massively with getting round the course. I got a poxy 63 on a 40-par golf course but who’s counting – at least I got around. Only lost one ball and had a lot of fun.

Although I don’t think I’ll be spending my weekends playing golf, I would definitely say yes if someone invited me to go for an evening at a driving range or to play on a relaxed course, with the necessary caveats that I still officially rubbish!