Hackney Half Marathon

Challenge: Half marathon

Hackney Half Marathon route mapDetails: London based 21k run around Hackney


E9 5PF is the postcode for the start area.

If you’d like to meet before, let’s meet at the bag drop in the Runner’s Village at 8am.

Race starts at 9am, with movement towards the start line at 8.30am.

Weather is meant to be 18 C, with sun and cloud.

Have a good read of the Run Hackney race brochure.

Key info I’ve picked out:

  • – Mile markers provided (rather than km)
  • – 5 water stations (2.5mi, 5mi, 7.5mi, 10mi and 12mi)
  • – 1 energy drink station after 9mi
  • – Bag drop in runners village – bag tag on bottom of your running bib
  • – How to get to the start
  • – Course map
  • – Don’t forget your bib with the timer on the back

Plan for afterwards: Sadly no pub this time. I’m heading to the Serpentine to swim (one of my 7 lidos in 7 days challenge…yes I’m doubling up this week!). Join me?

I will hang around by the finish line for a while to text/ tweet me (@exerkyourself) and will make sure we meet up.

You’ll probably all finish ahead of me. Taking this one chilled – blame it on knee and ankle, and me running a 24 hour team run relay from London to Cardiff next weekend!

Team Exerk:


David Ross (Quattro Legione)

Rosie Townsend

Raphael Houdmont

Nixi Partridge

Lottie Walter

Alex Ross

Joon Wong

Will Sowerby (Quattro Legione)

Esther Hartsilver

Hugh MacKinnon (Quattro Legione)

Jamie Tennant (Quattro Legione)