Hula hoop challenge

Challenge: Hula hooping

Details: We booked onto a workshop with Marawa and the Majorettes, a touring hula hooping troupe. Their workshops vary depending on the time of year but have a google and see if they are popping up anywhere near you.

Wear? Anything – would recommend tighter rather than baggier clothes to smooth the hoops’ journey

Cost? £10ish

eXerK 52in52 story: A group of us went along to Shoreditch Town Hall for the hour long session. There is skill to hula hooping and not everyone is a natural! We were taught the basics, then progressed to hoops on arms, different weighted hoops. The grand finale was being loaded up with more and more hula hoops until we were swivelling around with 20 hoops on us. The challenge of 5 minutes non-stop hula hooping was actually relatively easy – I should have been more optimistic.