London Statue Walk


Challenge: London Statue Walk

Details: an 18km walk in London with a statue theme.  Either self guide your own exploratory journey or join a guided walk. Secret London has some great information on walks and statues, this guide looks good and Walks hosts guided tours. Don’t forget about the Talking Statues.

Where? Anywhere in London. The eXerK walk started in the City, via Broadgate Circus, down to St Mary’s Axe, up to Royal Exchange, Cannon Street, Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars, Victoria Embankment Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Parliament Square, St James Park, Pall Mall, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Corner – lunch break – then Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and finishing at Marble Arch. Original plan was to carry onto Paddington, Baker Street and Kings Cross but darkness fell.

Transport? On foot

Time? We set off from Liverpool Street at 11am and reached Hyde Park corner at 1.45, then had lunch for 30 mins, before wandering around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens until just before 4

Bring? Cash/card for food and comfy walking shoes

Food & drink? You can buy en route

Cost? Zer0

eXerK 52in52 story? I came up with this walking challenge to appreciate our surroundings. Instead of rushing by this challenge was about human powering an exploratory tour. The plethora of statues and embedded history lining our streets, parks and buildings often get over looked. I had researched the areas with the most statues and routed the walk through these points.

The plan was to bring along a bit of information about each statues so we could walk, look and learn. As I started this task, I realised how mammoth it was due to the sheer number of statues. Instead, we went with the flow, looking up the statues that we were most interested in as we went along. It’s amazing how much you see once you focus on looking. From shiny ornate weather vanes (which became my thing of the day), to the animated benches on Victoria Embankment, to the incredibly old buildings sandwiched amongst goliath modernity.

We saw a huge number of statues, we failed to locate a few (who knew statues could go walkabout?!...Crossrail is capable of great things.