London to Cardiff 24hr team relay

337678_233612816704765_473198150_oChallenge: Team relay run covering 168 miles in 24 hours

Details: As part of a team of 8-12 we will run the 168 miles from London to Cardiff in 24 hours (all being well). £60 entry per person

There are 24 stages, which means each is just under 7 miles. In a team of 12, each person will run two stages so less than a half marathon in total. Team of 8 is 2×10 miles each, team of 10 is 2×8 miles each. So not really very far!

It is on a mixture of trails and roads. The route is signposted though we will need to prep a bit so don’t miss a sign and get lost.

Logistics: Starts from Twickenham, where all 12 of us will run a little loop together.

The first runner will then set off with the rest of us in a minibus, heading off to the first changeover. That repeats for the next 160 miles, until we reach Cardiff and all run a little loop together again to finish the race.

So not only a run but also a road trip. More info here