Project Awesome double triple

Challenge: The Project Awesome double triple

Details: Attending all three sessions for two weeks in a row

Where? London.

  • Mondays are flash fitness style, with a roaming location (posted on their Facebook group a few days before). Normally circuits
  • Wednesdays are at the Scoop next to City Hall (SE1 2DB). Running and step training
  • Fridays are on top of Primrose Hill (NW1). Hill intervals

When? 6.30am Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Bring? Running gear. There is a bag drop but no shower facilities. Bikes can be left safely as well

Food & drink? Whatever suits you bearing in mind it starts at 6.30am – there is a coffee session afterwards if you can stay on (highly recommend this)

Cost? Free. No booking required – just show up

eXerKyourself: Most of you have heard me talk about the amazingly unique Project Awesome. The aim was for team eXerK to add on 52 EXTRA Project Awesome sessions. We managed 56 so congratulations. 20 newbies came along too!

This is a super friendly bunch of people of all levels of fitness so go try it out. If you have any questions just message the organisers on the Facebook group.