Rollerblade relay

Challenge: Rollerblade relay

Details: Where did rollerblading go in our lives? Many of us tried it as kids, but haven’t donned tiny little wheels on our feet since then. To bring in a team element, we made this into a relay, not a race, but a team effort to clock up the most number of 1km loops. The competition element disappeared somewhat as most of us were learning as we went but it was still good fun.

Where? Anywhere smooth and flat. Kensington Gardens where there are a mix of three 1km loops starting from the Queen Victoria Statue. The route is smooth so appropriate for all levels, though I warn you the green loop on the map below is a down hill slope so be careful of braking! If in doubt, aim for the grass on the side as this will slow you down.


When? In dry weather. Rain makes the ground particularly slippery (we learnt the hard way).

Bring? You can rent roller blades and knee pads from London Skate Centre for £15 for 24 hours, or less for several hours if you are doing it at the weekend.

Food & drink? We brought music and a picnic.

Cost? £15 for roller blade rental.

eXerK52in52 story: A kind friend taught me the basics of rollerblading over a couple of evenings. Going is ok, stopping is the hard bit. I did manage to build up some confidence but skill level is still pretty slim.

This video is the “before,” when I first put skates on. Two lessons later – am a pro…kind of.