San Sebastian 15km coastal trail hike


Challenge: 15km trail coastal trail hike

Details:  I walked a section of the Talaia Bidea trail from San Sebastian to Pasajes in North Spain. The details below are for this hike, but bear in mind you can do this on any coast with a trail (e.g. the South West Coastal Path).

Where? San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

How? The 7km out and back trail starts from the historical part of the San Sebastian. Set out along the Zurriola bay. Before the end of the beach, turn right towards the Avia petrol station, taking the stairs up behind it on the left. The Talaia Bidea trail is well signposted with red and green paint. After 7km, you come down a big flight of stairs down to the harbor of Pasajes, a fishing village. Walking along the harbour, past the whaling boat museum the first restaurant you come across is where I feasted before heading back the way I had come.

If you are near any sea on holiday, google to see if there are any coastal trails nearby and/or ask a friendly local for the best routes.

Transport? For the hike: your feet (plus option for bus on way back). From UK: Airplane from London to Bilbao, then 1h10 bus from Bilbao Airport to San Sebastian. Bilbao Airport is so small that you can get out and off your plane super quickly. Can also fly to Biarritz.

Time? A day trip for the hike, roughly 2h30 each way. A long weekend for the trip.

Bring? You’ll cover a mixture of terrain but good trainers are fine. Hiking boots would be fine too if you’d prefer.

Food & drink? Carry food and drink with you on the trail as no pitstops, though there are natural water springs you can drink from. There are several restaurants in Pasajes, the locals I asked recommended the first restaurant I came to.

Accommodation? Stayed in an airbnb room in the historical part of the city.

Cost? For hike: £10 for food. For the trip, budget for Airbnb, flight and the delicious (and good value) delicious pinxos.


eXerK 52in52story: I took this hike on at a pretty fast pace, taking 1h30 to get to Pasajes.

It was an amazing walk – as you might remember from the Sentier du Litoral run I did as a September challenge, I’m a big fan of coastal trails. The variety of terrain and views you experience along a trail is amazing. By setting out on foot, you see things you couldn’t see as there is no road access along the route.

In the fishing village of Pasajes, my 3 course meal with a beer came to an amazing €12.50. Fuelled me perfectly to head back. In general the route is well marked so follow the red and green markings on the rocks and trees. The route doesn’t exactly follow the coast line the whole way so don’t be lead astray by wanting to stick with a sea view.

The only thing that nearly scuppered my progress was a bizarre encounter with a flasher! As I was doing the hike on my own I waited for a few hikers to gather before trying to pass him, by which time he was hiding somewhere and didn’t bother us.