Sea kayaking in Devon

Challenge: Sea kayaking in Devon

Details: We booked through Sea Kayak Devon. They bring all the kayak gear and also kayak guides.

Where? Dartmouth, Devon

Transport? We rented an 8 seater car from Spaceships to get down there.

When? You meet at 9.30am on Saturday morning in Dartmouth so best to drive down the night before.

All ends at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. We were back in Dartmouth harbour for 4pm, fish and chips on the harbour, ice cream to top it off, then an easy 4 hour drive home.

Accommodation? We camped in a friend’s barn on the Friday night. Maybe best to find somewhere in Dartmouth to camp/ hostel. We left west London at 6.30pm and got down to Devon at midnight with only minor traffic.

On Saturday night you camp out on a beach as part of the kayaking trip.

Bring? You bring your own food and camping equipment.

Food & drink? There is a Sainsbury’s on your way into Dartmouth you can buy food at. We bought a few disposable barbeques to cook burgers and sausages on for dinner. Saturday and Sunday lunches were baguettes with ham and cheese (or something). Crisps, some cider and beer, lots of water and some marshmallows and digestive biscuits.

Cost? £65 for car rental and petrol. £200 for guides and all kayak equipment (kayak, paddle, splash deck, dry bags, waterproof jacket and wetsuit). £25 as all supermarket camping food. So £250 for the whole weekend, plus anything you spend on accommodation on the Friday night. Friday night’s accommodation £60.

eXerK 52in52 story: Having arrived at a friend’s farm in the middle of the night, laid down our sleeping mats and bags by the light of a headtorch, and kipped until the morning, we were surprised to wake up and look at our surroundings. A combine harvester, rakes, a few mice skeletons, lots of dust and a full herd of cows in the next door barn. Pretty unique!

We drove to Dartmouth, stopping off at the Sainsbury’s to pick up the food for all 12 of us, then on to waterfront to meet the guides and get our kayaks sorted. Having sorted out kit, packed our kayaks, we set off up the harbour by 11ish. We kayaked out along the coast, lunched on a beach, kayaked some more then set up camp on another beach, some of us in tents, others bivvy bagging. We were particularly lucky with the weather.

We had a few swims, barbecued our dinner, star gazed and slept on a balmy Devon beach. Sunday, after a leisurely seaside camp breakfast, we got kayaking again, had some lunch, then headed out to see some very playful sea lions.

We were back in Dartmouth harbour for 4pm, fish and chips on the harbour, ice cream to top it off, then an easy 4 hour drive home.