Talks and workshops

Are you a company looking to encourage your employees to look after their health?

Story telling around the 52in52 - a fitness mission taken to extremes on top of a full time job in finance - we explore ways to find balance in our lives. Making room for all the important commitments we have and staying calm in the face of them ensuring helps to create productive, engaged and happy employees

Are you an network looking to provide interesting content that your audience can relate and react positively to?

Sharing the power of local adventures, how to plan, recruit companions, make time for the things you care about, and the opportunities that can arise from carving a different path.

How to make an about turn in your career, from banking to adventure travel writer and race directing in Colombia. 

Are you a school looking to bring out the best in your students? 

Exploring the power of creativity, determination and a support network, through the 52in52 - a mission to get busy people active. Suggesting campaigns as a great way for students to explore their values, express their personality and spread a positive message, eXerK workshops provide a toolkit to get going. 

Click below for video samples of Annie from eXerK speaking

Live TV interview – May 2015

Live TV interview – October 2015