Tough Mudder obstacle course

Challenge: London South Tough Mudder

Details: A 12 mile obstacle course with 29 obstacles. Where? An hour and a half drive south of London

Transport? Car/ train and taxi as the event is in the countryside

When? Tough Mudders happen all year round all around the world

Bring? Old shoes, ideally trail running ones as there is lots of mud and slipping.

Quick drying clothes to wear during the event as you get wet quite often. Experts tend to wear as few clothes as possible for that reason, though I quite like having leggings to cover knees during all the crawling around.

If you want to film your journey, make sure you have a very waterproof camera- go pros are ideal but make sure you can move whatever harness you are using as sometimes you are crawling, sometimes hanging, sometimes jumping from heights into water, always needing two hands.

Warm baggy clothes and food and water for afterwards.

Food & drink? There are water and energy stops during the course but do bring your own if you would rather.

There is food and drink at the end so bring some cash.

Cost? Around the £100 mark

eXerK 52in52 story: There is no doubt that Tough Mudder is a brand, complete with corporate partners, and a price tag, but they execute well. You feel part of a tribe. The clear mission they share at every opportunity unites all participants.

Obstacles wise, the diverse mix covers climbing, wading, swinging, hanging, hauling and crawling so it’s a great work out – you also run 12 miles. Some obstacles are team work type fun, others are a little bit mean. But that’s the nature of an obstacle. my full review