Winter surf weekend


Challenge: Hours of winter waves

Event info: Heading down to Newquay in Cornwall. There will be a range of abilities in the group so you’ll be sure to have company no matter where you hang out in the wave hierarchy. I’m still learning so surf lessons are on the agenda.

Did a trip down to Croyde, North Devon in November 2014 with The London Surfers, a great and very active meet up group, who are also coordinating this Newquay weekend. Best thing is the organisation. They are great at it.

Logistics: Leaving Friday 6.30pm from London. Back Sunday. I’ve paid for the transport they offer – much easier that way (Cost: £56) and accommodation and surf lessons (Cost: £63). Sure it’s fine if you be more independent and drive yourself down and/or don’t have lessons.

Book your official place (I’ve booked mine)

Team Exerk:


Amy Concannon

Rachel Wood